Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II hits 4TB


Western Digital has released its latest My Book Studio Edition II that will now come with 4TB worth of data, double from the previous version which had just 2TB capacity. This new My Book Studio Edition II dual drive storage system was specially built to play nice with Mac computers, bringing together a balance of high performance as well as power conservation. It works great with the Apple Time Machine automatic backup feature is specially formatted for Mac computers, targeting creative professionals, workgroups, small offices and folks looking for superior speed in data transfer courtesy of its dual-drive RAID 0 configuration and high-speed interfaces. Regardless of any system you use, the My Book Studio Edition II is able to hook up thanks to the four interfaces it offers - eSATA and FireWire 800 for maximum performance as well as FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 for maximum flexibility.

Magellan RoadMate 1475T hits the streets


Magellan hasn’t exactly lit up the world with its offerings of late, but it is nice to know that they’re still in the GPS navigation system game with their latest device, the RoadMate 1475T. This model from MiTAC Digital Corp. will bring together premium features in a relatively compact body to make sure that you’ll always reach your destination using the most efficient route possible, regardless of whether this is your first time in a foreign land or not. What makes the Magellan RoadMate 1475T special is its ability to be equipped with traffic-enabled device (VPA) that offers subscription free, real-time traffic alerts, incidents and road congestion reports, letting you avoid all the potential traffic hotspots in the area..

Just like many other new models in the Magellan RoadMate series, the Magellan RoadMate 1475T will boast the revolutionary OneTouch favorites menu which will place personally selected addresses and searches within a mere click away. Once the user has identified and stored his/her preferred banks, restaurants and other destinations into the OneTouch favorites menu, they’re easily accessible regardless of where they travel, as the RoadMate 1475T dispenses with the closest preferred destinations there and then. In addition, the Magellan RoadMate series comes with searchable AAA TourBook listings that comprise of AAA Diamond Rated restaurants and lodgings, alongside attractions, events and campgrounds, making it much easier to plan your trip whenever you hit the road. You can also access AAA-Approved Auto Repair shops and businesses that offer AAA member discounts through the listings, and Magellan assures you they won’t bring you round the block like a headless chicken as all listings include the exact GPS location.

Features of the Magellan RoadMate 1475T include :-

  • New 4.7-inch, WQVGA - color, anti-glare touch-screen display in an ultra-thin design
  • Acclaimed easy-to-use OneTouch favorites drop-down menu with personalized search icons to easily find favorite places
  • Features AAA TourBook listings and member Roadside Assistance menu
  • 6 million points of interest (POI)
  • Spoken street name guidance tells the user the street name and which way to turn before each maneuver
  • Highway Lane Assist points the user in the right direction and ensures the correct lane will be chosen before the next interchange or exit
  • Highway Exit POI search let the user find gas stations, restaurants and hotels near upcoming exits
  • QuickSpell with New SmartCity Search intelligently narrows searches and checks spelling when entering addresses
  • Offers multi-destination routing with route optimization lets the user plan trips with multiple stops in the order they want or optimize a trip for the most efficient route, saving them time and money
  • Includes NAVTEQ maps of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico

Expect to fork out a relatively affordable $299 for this puppy.

LED Earphones respond your music


For those that can’t be merely satisfied with plain boring earphones, these will definitely stand out from the crowd. There’s no chance of blending in when you have a set of earphones that not only have LED lights that shine, but they blink to top it off.

These are just normal earphones, despite that they have lights, they’ll still work with any old MP3 player or iPod. They claim that they’re quite comfortable, but in all honesty, they don’t really appear to be all that comfortable. The lights don’t just randomly blink, they pulsate along with the beat of your music. Indicating to the world just what kind of mood you’re in, whether it be a slow song kind of day or a fast beat day. They’re fairly cheap too, despite that Chinavasion claims that these are exceptional quality. You can pick them up for $13.71.

Hologram Phones? It’s Trou.

trou2Sure, we loved the iPhone with its complete touchscreen interface, so you can imagine the excitement when a holographic interface finally comes out. Yes, I am fully aware that a holographic interface sounds too good to be true, and the Trou Hologram phone isn’t, at least, not yet.

I’m sure we all love the basic concept photo behind this, with the 3-D hologram of the car sitting on the screen. Just imagine how cool it will be when you turn your mobile around and can see the car at nearly every angle.

Still, holographic projectors have been known to eat up lots of power, so that is definitely one obstacle for the small projectors on the surface of the display. I’m sure there are many other things that prevent our science-fiction visions of a holographic future from becoming reality.

Panasonic Adds HiDef Audio to Video in the GH1

osted: 09 Jun 2009 12:49 PM PDT


They’ve upped the ante to the next level with the Lumix GH1, which can not only shoot 1080p video, but it also adds Dolby digital audio to the mix, meaning photographers have a serious movie studio in their camera.

But unlike the 5d Mk II, which shoots at 21mega pixels, and costs $3,000 to boot, the Lumix GH1 incorporates a standard, and economical 12.1 mp. It shoots video in AVCHD at a cinematic 24 frames per second, or at what panasonic calls “smooth HD” at 60 frames per second with auto focus. Changing to video is also one button easy as pressing the Motion Picture button instantly moves to video recording. Creative Movie mode allows for manual settings, or iA mode which gives users the point and shoot capability they are used to. And iA mode also provides facial recognition to keep subjects in proper focus and in the right light.

And what’ s great is that the camera has not one, but TWO CPUs which enables the HD Video and Dolby Audio to process far faster on the fly. It also means recording in AVCHD for as long as the camera has storage capability.

Cost is about $1500, half the cost Canon’s 5D Mk II.

Beanzawave microwave oven cooks by USB

This gadget is specially for ppl workin in the corporate sector who have only two options for lunch either have a cold snacked meal or waste 45 mins in going and eating at cafetaria. Well how about a USB microwave which can heat small dishes right where are? It’ll have the ability to feed you hot food and drive workmates nuts with the wafting scents of cooked food coming from your cube. That’s where the strangely named Beanzawave comes in as the world’s smallest portable microwave oven.

About the size of a portable camping light, the Beanzawave is run by USB and can cook a tiny snack sized meal or warm a beverage. Currently in prototype, the Beanzawave is a tad over 7 inches tall by 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep. How can USB create the kind of power used to generate microwaves? Well, the reality is that it doesn’t use microwaves at all, per se. It uses the same sort of waves used for cellular telephones (which should give everyone pause considering we all have a phone next to our ears every day) to generate the heat needed to cook or warm up the food or drink. And the Beanzawave can tune those cellular wave frequencies to generate exacting head to cook a wide variety of small foods including pot pies, cups of soup, or even a hamburger.


The Beanzawave was developed by Gama Microwave Technology in association with Heinz (yes, the ketchup company) which hopes to pair it with their new snack food line known as “Snap Pots.” The current prototype also gives the option of powering it with lithium ion batteries making it completely portable for camping and outdoor sportsman activities.

Cost is projected to be about $150.

The HP Pavilion dv6z Artist Edition Notebook

A Happy news for all the students who are bored with the usual "I am formal" look of laptops.. HP is releasing a laptop specifically for students and they’re even giving it a slightly more artistic look.

The HP Pavilion dv6z Artist Edition notebook is likely to appeal to a great deal of students that are tired of the usual look of laptops. Of course most just slap a skin on their laptop if they want to give it a colorful look. It has a 16-inch LCD and comes with a software suite including Video Studio X2, Corel Painter Sketchpad and Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo x2. It uses AMD processors with up to 500GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. They also toss in Magix Music Maker 14. It’d be a great machine for students into art and music. It will be shipped as of June 10th and will start at $949.